Sub Inspector BS-14 2019 Past Paper Page - 8

71) The French novelist and existentialist Philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre refused the Noble Prize for Literature.Another novelist, however, was forced to refuse it by the Soviet authorities.Who is he?
(A) Boris Pasternak
(B) M.A. Sholokhov
(C) Joseph Brodsky
(D) Alexander Solzhenitsyn

72) When did the Asian Games start?
(A) 1954
(B) 1953
(C) 1948
(D) 1951

73) How many states does the USA compromise?
(A) 51
(B) 50
(C) 45
(D) 49

74) Arrange the following Russian authors chronologically:
(A) Tolstoy
(B) Pushkhin
(C) Dostoevsky
(D) Gogol

75) What is a mugwump?
(A) A cad
(B) A defector
(C) An undecided person sitting on the fence, his mug on one side and his wump on the other
(D) A politically neutral person

76) What does acumen mean?
(A) Knowledge
(B) Acquired capacity
(C) Mental keenness
(D) Tendency

77) Of the following authors, who has been translated more often and in more languages all over the world?
(A) V.I. Lenin
(B) Hans Christian Andersen
(C) Shakespeare
(D) Charles Dickens

78) Along with perestroika,the other reform initiated in the USSR by Gorbachev is giasnost.What is it?
(A) Breaking down separationist barriers
(B) Freeing the stifled voice
(C) Acceptance of some cultural values of the capitalist West
(D) Ending cultural isolationism

79) There is an instrument which can even measure the intensity of pain. What is it called?
(A) Penstemon
(B) Algometer
(C) Acnimeter
(D) Poinemeter

80) Which historical event is commemorated by the Marathon runs? The first runner was, of course, the messenger who brought the news of a Greek victory all th way, to Athens running"
(A) Hannibal defeating the Romans at Marathon
(B) King Cyrus capturing Babylon
(C) Alexander defeating the Persians
(D) Persian attack on Athens defeated by Greece