Sub Inspector BS-14 2019 Past Paper Page - 7

61) Hydroponics has obviously something to do with water. What exactly?
(A) Underwater reception and interpretation of sound waves
(B) A science which studies the chemical properties of fluids
(C) Soilless cultivation of plants
(D) Study, of the distribution and movement of water through land surfaces

62) Who was the first recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1901?
(A) H.G Wells
(B) Leo Tolstoy
(C) R.F.A Sully Prudhomme
(D) George Bernard Shaw

63) The Roman Emperor Nero, who is supposed to have fiddles while Rome burnt, and whose last words were, 'What an artist the world is losing in mel', was the first prosecutor of Christians in Rome. The novel Quo Vadis was written about Christianity in his time.Who wrote it?
(A) Nathalie Sarraute
(B) Alexandre Dumas
(C) Robert Graves
(D) Henrik Slenklewicz

64) Next to Golden Triangle, there is a region called the Golden Crescent, where most of the world' opium - the raw material of heroin - is grown. Where is the crescent?
(A) The Pak-Afghan border
(B) The border between Vietnam and China
(C) The Thailand-Malaysia crescent
(D) The Burma-Thailand border

65) In Keat's 'Ode to a Nightingale' there is a reference to 'charmed magic casements opening in the foam of perilous seas,which is said to owe its inspiration to a painting by Claude Lorain. Can you name the painting?
(A) The Castle by the Sea
(B) The Forsaken Castle
(C) The Enchanted Castle
(D) The Faery Princess

66) Where is the Valley of Flowers, a riot of colors, located?
(A) Sicily
(B) Honolulu
(C) California
(D) Garhwal Himalayas

67) A day in the year in this city is earmarked for insect trading. Which city is it?
(A) Frankfurt
(B) Seoul
(C) Beijing
(D) Acapulco

68) What is the meaning of chlaroscuro?
(A) An assemblage of bright and dull colors
(B) Dark and obscure at the same time
(C) Early hours of down
(D) Dusk

69) Who said, 'A revolution is not a dinner party'?
(A) Marx
(B) Ho Chi Minh
(C) Lenin
(D) Mao

70) Archimedes'Principles states that:
(A) A body immersed in water will sink if it is heavier than the volume of water is displaces
(B) The weight of water displaced by an immersed body is the same as the body's weight
(C) A body immersed in liquid experiences an upward force equal to the weight of the displaced liquid
(D) A body immersed in water will float if its mass is lee than the volume of water it displaces