Sub Inspector BS-14 2019 Past Paper Page - 6

51) Which king's reign has been the longest in English history?
(A) Queen Elizabeth II
(B) Queen Elizabeth
(C) George III
(D) Queen Victoria

52) Which is the world's largest sweet-water lake?
(A) Baikal
(B) Lake Superior
(C) Lake Michigan
(D) Lake Victoria

53) The world's longest river systems are the Nile (4160 miles), the Amazon (3900 miles), the Missouri (3740 miles), and the Ob (3460 MILES). Which country could the Ob flow through?
(A) Russia
(B) Nigeria
(C) Canada
(D) China

54) In case of poor vision, the first test an eye specialist administrates is the reading of the Snellen chart. What is the distance from which this chart is meant to be read?
(A) 10 metres
(B) 5 metres
(C) 4 metres
(D) 6 metres

55) Which are the largest bird in the world?
(A) Condors
(B) The Great Indian Bustard
(C) Wild Eagles
(D) Emu

56) What is the meaning of fractious?
(A) Divisive
(B) Unruly
(C) Quarrelsome
(D) Holding a different opinion

57) Who are the Khmer Rouge?
(A) Vietnamese Communist guerrilla
(B) Cambodian guerrilla Communist force
(C) Thal Communist force
(D) Laotian Communist guerrilla force

58) How many sides go to make trapezium?
(A) 6
(B) 3
(C) 4
(D) 5

59) In which country was the first World Cup Football Tournament held?
(A) Brazil
(B) Argentina
(C) Belgium
(D) Uruguay

60) Mesopotamla, the ancient region in west Asia, called 'the cradle of civilization' flourished between 5000 B.C. and A.D. 1258.In which State is it now?
(A) Egypt
(B) Iraq
(C) Iran
(D) Syria