Sub Inspector BS-14 2019 Past Paper Page - 5

41) What does perspicacious mean?
(A) Sweating
(B) Honest and open
(C) Acutely perceptive
(D) One who can see a very long distance

42) In which country lies the source of the river Nile?
(A) Uganda
(B) Zaire
(C) Egypt
(D) Sudan

43) Antibiotics may have harmful side effects. What is side effect of streptomycin?
(A) Visual blackouts
(B) Diarrhea
(C) Involuntary emission
(D) Deafness

44) In the U.S. education system there is an institution called normal school.What is it?
(A) Socially mixed school, i.e., enrolling children of all economic strata
(B) Elementary teachers' training school
(C) VOcational studies school
(D) Radially un-segregated school

45) The IQ of a genius is above 140. What should be the IQ of a normally intelligent person?
(A) 75
(B) 80
(C) Around 100
(D) 115

46) What is the meaning of obstreperous?
(A) Obstinate
(B) Noisy and rough
(C) Obstructive
(D) High spirited

47) What does apartheid literally mean?
(A) Purity of blood
(B) Remaining apart
(C) Separate development
(D) Racial segregation

48) In our system, which planet takes the least time to orbit the sun?
(A) Mars
(B) Earth
(C) Mercury
(D) Venus

49) When was the first complete collection of Shakespeare's plays, known as the First Follo, published? Shakespear's dates are 1564-1616:
(A) 1615
(B) 1623
(C) 1618
(D) 1627

50) Where did figure skating originate?
(A) Iceland
(B) England
(C) Sweden
(D) France