Sub Inspector BS-14 2019 Past Paper Page - 2

11) What was the name of Napoleon Bonaparte's first wife:
(A) Mina Theresa
(B) Maria Louise
(C) Eugene
(D) Josephine

12) Which country in the world produces all the following precious metals in substantial quantities: gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, industrial diamonds?
(A) Canada
(C) South Africa
(D) Colombia

13) Under Gorbachev the USSR has launched a number of reformist programs, one of which is Perestroika. What exactly is it?
(A) Reconstructing the country's social and economic system
(B) Admission of foreign cultural influences
(C) Tolerance of criticism of government policies
(D) Relaxation of Communist Party control

14) The Warsaw Treaty Organization (1955) was an answer to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, or NATO, as it is popularly known. Its members were Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Soviet Union.After the Russian suppression of the people's movement, one of the members withdrew. Which?
(A) Poland
(B) Hungary
(C) Albania
(D) Bulgaria

15) Computer language has developed over the decades, using different acronyms for different functions. Which, among the following, predates the others?

16) What is the superiority of Arabic numerals over Roman numerals?
(A) Arabic numerals in a series proceed on simple multiplication
(B) Arabic numerals have the zero
(C) Roman numerals cannot be decimalized
(D) Arabic numerals are easier to read

17) Where is America's 'Statue of Liberty' located?
(A) Ellis Island
(B) Staten Island
(C) Liberty Island
(D) Fifth Avenue

18) Choose the precise meaning of kitsch:
(A) Vulgarized art
(B) Commercialized human relations
(C) Trendy art or literature
(D) Action painting

19) The river Liffey flows through a capital city. Identify which?
(A) Athens
(B) Dublin
(C) Bucharest
(D) Paris

20) Which countries have the 49th parallel divide?
(A) South Africa and Namibia
(B) France and Germany
(C) Finland and Russia
(D) The United States and Canada