Stenographer BS-16 2019 Past Paper Page - 7

61) Whose pen name was Ella?
(A) Charlotte Bronte
(B) Charles Lamb
(C) G.K Chesterton
(D) Oscar Wilde

62) What does Inchoate mean?
(A) Inarticulate
(B) Inseparably mixed
(C) Undeveloped
(D) Confused

63) Of the following Nobel Prize winners,who was the first ever to win the prize for Physics?
(A) Pierre Curie
(B) Marie S.Curie
(C) W.C Roentgen
(D) Philip Lenard

64) the first ever formulation of a theory of evolution was by:
(A) Jean Lamarck
(B) Pliny the Elder
(C) Charles Darwin
(D) Alfred Russell Wallace

65) Which book of the 'Old Testament' was composed forst?
(A) Mark
(B) Luke
(C) John
(D) Mathew

66) Where is the headquarter of International Atomic Energy Commission, a specialized agency of the U.N located?
(A) Ottawa
(B) Vienna
(C) Pairs
(D) Geneva

67) Paper was manufactured in Europe 1500 years after it was in this country:
(A) China
(B) India
(C) Egypt
(D) Mexico

68) Potato was introduced from the New World into the Old. From which place did it come?
(A) Mexico
(B) Chile
(C) Peru
(D) West Virginia in American

69) The Greenhouse Effect written about recently by ecologists is:
(A) The trapping of heat on the surface of the earth by the atmosphere
(B) Vegetation attracting moisture form the atmosphere, leading to further vegetative growth
(C) The effect of trapped temperature in a closed space promoting certain types of plant growth
(D) The greening of the earth as a result of conservation programs

70) What is the meaning of obsequious?
(A) Arrogant
(B) Obvious
(C) Attentive in a servile manner
(D) Mourning