Stenographer BS-16 2019 Past Paper Page - 3

21) Which of the following birds cannot fly?
(A) Kiwi
(B) Peahen
(C) Tern
(D) Platypus

22) Who wrote the first true encyclopedia?
(A) Diderot et al: Encyclopedia
(B) Pliny the Elder: Natural History
(C) Ephraim Chambers: Cyclopedia
(D) Vincent of Beauvais: Mirror of the World

23) What is an open-end investment company?
(A) On which invests only in safe government securities
(B) One which invests its funds in stock market shares only
(C) One whose shares can be bought from the stock market
(D) One which has no limit to its share capital

24) From which mineral is aluminum extracted?
(A) Gypsum
(B) Lignite
(C) Feldspar
(D) Bauxite

25) Perhaps Shakespeare didn't like dogs. There is only one dog in his plays, but that too is set in a foreign country.Name the play:
(A) Titus Andronicus
(B) Taming of the Shrew
(C) Two Gentlemen of Verona
(D) Twelfth Night

26) Who was the earliest saint.Who had come to India to convert people to Christianity?
(A) St. Columba
(B) St. Francis Xavier
(C) St. Bartholomew
(D) St. Thomas

27) When did Mahatma Gandhi return to India from South Africa to give leadership to her struggle for independence?
(A) 1922
(B) 1921
(C) 1916
(D) 1918

28) What is the meaning of miscegenation?
(A) Interbreeding of people considered to be of different racial types
(B) Marrying someone from a lower caste
(C) Marrying one's close relatives
(D) Mismatching

29) In which game is the 'Thomas Cup' awarded?
(A) Tennis
(B) Badminton
(C) Baseball
(D) Rugby

30) The greatest happiness principle holds that the supreme good is the greatest happiness of the greatest number.Of which philosophy is it the basic tenet?
(A) Idealism
(B) Materialism
(C) Utilitarianism
(D) Marxism