Stenographer BS-16 2019 Past Paper Page - 10

91) How many light years is a parsec?
(A) 10 light years
(B) 5.25 light years
(C) 4.83 light years
(D) 3.26 light years

92) In which year was the Davis Cup International Team competition started?
(A) 1900
(B) 1902
(C) 1890
(D) 1897

93) Where do the Blue Nile and the White Nile meet in great scenic splendor?
(A) Giza
(B) Khartoum
(C) Asmara
(D) Cairo

94) What is the meaning of quizzical?
(A) Strange
(B) Questioning and mocking
(C) Pertaining to quizzes
(D) Doubtful

95) What is the meaning of banal?
(A) Ugly
(B) Obscene
(C) Blasphemous
(D) Commonplace

96) The works of Aristotle, Shakespeare, and Dickens were banned in this country as corrupting. Finally, in 1968 the ban was lifted. Which country?
(A) East Germany
(B) China
(C) Soviet Russia
(D) Albania

97) What is the meaning of uxorious?
(A) Lecherous
(B) Miserly
(C) Someone with a questionable past
(D) Excessively attached to one's wife

98) What is the meaning of brown study?
(A) Deep thoughtfulness
(B) Melancholy
(C) Absentmindedness
(D) Tantrums

99) In Britain, what is the Hansard record?
(A) Parliamentary proceedings
(B) Postings of the clergy
(C) International movement of ships
(D) Peerage

100) Who was the very first person to walk on the moon?
(A) John Glenn
(B) Yuri Gagarin
(C) Nell Aldrin Armstrong
(D) Valentina Tereshkova