PPSC Manager Auqaf 2014 Past Paper Page - 9

81) Exemplify:
(A) finish
(B) empty
(C) illustrate
(D) reprehensible

82) Nonchalant:
(A) Indifferent
(B) cool
(C) natural
(D) excited

83) Outcast:
(A) Error
(B) Open
(C) Vagabond
(D) Member

84) Partisan:
(A) Local
(B) Mite
(C) Disciple
(D) Opponent

85) After America, the largest number of Noble Laureates are from:
(A) Switzerland
(B) France
(C) Germany
(D) United Kingdom

86) The Scout Movement was started by Sir Robert Baden Poweli in:
(A) 1925
(B) 1920
(C) 1915
(D) 1910

87) The headquarters of Green Peace is in
(A) New York
(B) Amsterdam
(C) London
(D) Bonn

88) The Swedish chemist Alfred Noble invented:
(A) Penicillin
(B) Fountain Pen
(C) Dynamite
(D) None of the above

89) Leo Tolstoy was a:
(A) British Musician
(B) German Football Player
(C) French Scientist
(D) Russian Writer