FPSC Patrol Officer BS-14 2018 Past Paper

71) In which year Dr. Abdul Salam was awarded Nobel Prize in Physics?
(A) 1973
(B) 1975
(C) 1979
(D) 1983

72) CPU stands for
(A) Central Processing Unit
(B) Central Programming Unit
(C) Control Processing Unit
(D) Control Programming Unit

73) What is Black Hole?
(A) Hypothetical region of the space
(B) Hole in California
(C) Sink hole in the lake
(D) Region between mantle and crest of the earth

74) Who discovered Penicillin
(A) Alexander Flaming
(B) Louis Pasteur
(C) Nell Boher
(D) None of these

75) One meter is equal to
(A) 100 millimeter
(B) 1000 millimeter
(C) 500 millimeter
(D) 10000 millimeter

76) When a book is sold for Rs 76 the gain is 52%. The gain when it is sold for Rs 74 is?
(A) 44%
(B) 48%
(C) 46%
(D) 50%

77) The length of the longest pole that can be placed in a room 12 m long and 9 m wide and 8 m high is
(A) 12 m
(B) 14 m
(C) 17 m
(D) 21 m

78) A rectangle has a length of 10 cm and a perimeter of 30 cm. Find the width of the rectangle
(A) 5 cm
(B) 10 cm
(C) 15 cm
(D) 20 cm

79) Working 8 hours a day, a work is done in 5 days. For how many hours a day the work is done if it is finished in 4 days?
(A) 8 hrs
(B) 10 hrs
(C) 12 hrs
(D) 16 hrs