FPSC Patrol Officer BS-14 2018 Past Paper

51) We are happy to ___ the receipt of your order no
(A) admit
(B) accept
(C) acknowledge
(D) respond

52) All jobs are respectable ___ of their nature.
(A) irrelevant
(B) immaterial
(C) irresponsible
(D) irrespective

Antonyms _____________________________________________________________________________________________

53) Ostracize
(A) amuse
(B) welcome
(C) entertain
(D) host

54) Dense
(A) Scarce
(B) Slim
(C) Sparse
(D) Lean

55) Parsimonious
(A) Prodigious
(B) Selfless
(C) extravagant
(D) ostentatious

56) Fetter
(A) restore
(B) liberate
(C) exonerate
(D) distract

57) Harmony
(A) strife
(B) annoyance
(C) cruelty
(D) mischief

58) Obnoxious
(A) depressing
(B) disgusting
(C) arrogant
(D) filthy

One Word Substitution _____________________________________________________________________________________________

59) One not concerned with right or wrong
(A) moral
(B) amoral
(C) immoral
(D) immortal

60) Something no longer in use
(A) desolate
(B) absolute
(C) obsolete
(D) primitive