FPSC - Ministry of Defence 2012 Past Paper

(A) Bright
(B) Splendid
(C) Smart
(D) Happy

(A) Scarce
(B) Limited
(C) Faulty
(D) Deficient

(A) Induce
(B) Diminish
(C) Destroy
(D) Shrink

94) It was a mystery as to where the young girl had acquired such a cynical attitude.
(A) mature
(B) naive
(C) eccentric
(D) crazy

95) Avogadro's hypothesis has proved significant till the present day.
(A) fact
(B) theory
(C) experiment
(D) conclusion

96) There has always been a feeling of rancour between the two families.
(A) rivalry
(B) competition
(C) friendliness
(D) suspicion

97) The government is taking measures to augment the country's food supply.
(A) prohibit
(B) decrease
(C) surpass
(D) compensate

98) People know him for his vanity.
(A) humanity
(B) honesty
(C) courtesy
(D) modesty

99) Let us not aggravate the sufferings of the poor.
(A) abbreviate
(B) alleviate
(C) advocate
(D) appreciate

100) He stood gazing at the serene expanse of the sea.
(A) ruffled
(B) clear
(C) tranquil
(D) scenic