FPSC - Ministry of Defence 2011 Past Paper

(A) Unploughed
(B) Solid
(C) Barren
(D) Raid

92) DEMON:
(A) Angel
(B) Ring-hearted
(C) Charitable
(D) Fair-minded

(A) Humility
(B) Pleasure
(C) Cheerfulness
(D) Excitement

94) Nourishing food is a necessity both for a pregnant mother and a baby.
(A) Unhygienic
(B) Poor
(C) Undercooked
(D) Heavy

95) The man at the gate had a forbidding appearance.
(A) lenient
(B) handsome
(C) tranquil
(D) mild

96) there is a dearth of milk in Lahore nowadays.
(A) extravagance
(B) scarcity
(C) abundance
(D) sufficiency

97) A faithful officer is always vigilant towards his duties.
(A) innocent
(B) ignorant
(C) irresponsible
(D) careless

98) The gross domestic product (GDP) is an essential component of economy.
(A) rough
(B) coarse
(C) superfluous
(D) estimated

99) It was really a gracious occasion for me.
(A) benign
(B) in fructuous
(C) churlish
(D) Fateful

100) Terrorism is a serious hazard to the country.
(A) safety
(B) peril
(C) chance
(D) problem