FPSC Inspector Airports Security Force (ASF) BS-16 2018 Past Paper

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Inspector Airports Security Force BS-16 Past Paper of 2018

1) Against one's grain
(A) against one's nature
(B) to one's advantage
(C) unsuited to one's job
(D) against one's principles

2) At one's beck and call
(A) close by
(B) at one's service
(C) under one's influence
(D) loyal and sincere to one

3) Bad blood
(A) differences
(B) quarrels
(C) ill feeling
(D) jealously

4) A dark horse
(A) an uncertain factor
(B) a very fast running horse
(C) an unknown genius
(D) a stupid fellow

5) To cut the Gordian knot
(A) to sever relations
(B) to throw away the yoke of foreign rule
(C) to undertake an adventure
(D) to solve a difficult problem in a bold manner

6) To hit below the belt
(A) to hit wide off the mark
(B) to hit damagingly
(C) to make an unfair attack
(D) to kill

7) To play ducks and drakes with money
(A) to invest money wisely
(B) to squander money
(C) to make money grow fast
(D) to spend money frugally

8) On the spur of the moment
(A) at the proper time
(B) rapidly
(C) when the proper time is over
(D) without getting any time to think

9) To take the bull by the horns
(A) to face danger
(B) to restrain anger
(C) to check rumors from spreading
(D) to inflict a crushing defeat upon the enemy

10) To win laurels
(A) to win a victory
(B) to win a lottery
(C) to win an honor
(D) to realize one's ambition