FPSC Inspector Airports Security Force (ASF) BS-16 Past Paper

61) What was the fate of Abdullah bin Hiyan?
(A) Died in battle
(B) Drowned in sea
(C) Died of Cholera
(D) None

62) Which son of Raja Dahir embraced Islam?
(A) Vijay Singh
(B) Kak Singh
(C) Jay Singh
(D) Ajay Singh

63) The one of the trusted commanders of Muhammad Bin Qasim was
(A) Hakim Shaibani
(B) Kanzar ul Ihsan
(C) Musa Bin Tai
(D) None of these

64) Muhammad Ghauri stabbed to death in
(A) 1209 A.D
(B) 1205 A.D
(C) 1206 A.D
(D) None of these

65) The Mongols defeated
(A) Salahuddin Ayyubi
(B) The Abbasids
(C) The Ghaznawids
(D) None of these

66) Musailma al Kazzab was
(A) Writer
(B) False Prophet
(C) Trader
(D) None

67) Kamal Mustafa was born in the town of
(A) Basra
(B) Cyprus
(C) Salonika
(D) None