FPSC Assistant Director Intelligence Bureau 2018 Past Paper

71) Complex sentence have:
(A) One independent clause
(B) One dependent clause
(C) One independent and one dependent clause
(D) None of the above

72) Honesty is best policy. "Honesty" is?
(A) Abstract Noun
(B) Verb
(C) Adjective
(D) None of these

73) He _______ to Lahore yesterday?
(A) leave
(B) will go
(C) went
(D) none

74) Cajoling synonym:
(A) Flattering

75) Complacency meaning?
(A) Contentment

76) Power is a ______ noun?
(A) Abstract

77) Embezzled synonym is?
(A) Defalcate

78) Soldiers are approaching base of enemy. Soldier and enemy are ______ nouns?
(A) Concrete Noun

79) She bought new sweater ______ gave old sweater to maid.
(A) and

80) Diligent synonym is:
(A) Assiduous