FPSC Assistant Director Intelligence Bureau 2012 Past Paper

(A) Depreciate
(B) Admiration
(C) Penitence
(D) Contempt

(A) Recent
(B) Rare
(C) Useless
(D) Conducive

93) ZANY
(A) Cautious
(B) Calculating
(C) Cunning
(D) Sane

Select the word or phrase which is closest to the opposite in meaning of the italicized word or phrase

94) M. Ahmad is always jeered at by his companions.
(A) praised
(B) scorned
(C) mocked
(D) mourned

95) Their team bore delinquent participants.
(A) reverent
(B) uncivil
(C) quarrelsome
(D) law abiding

96) In ancient history, scholars had no interest in political power or material growth.
(A) celestial
(B) psychic
(C) spiritual
(D) internal

97) The two girls are always together. There is a great affinity between them.
(A) apathy
(B) empathy
(C) antipathy
(D) sympathy

98) He confessed having done a mistake
(A) granted
(B) conceded
(C) acknowledged
(D) concealed

99) There are reports that many poor people abandon female children
(A) like
(B) reject
(C) keep
(D) help

100) Unity of thought and action has been the basis of India's strength and stability.
(A) Diversity
(B) Bias
(C) Division
(D) Weakness
(E) Din