FPSC Assistant Director Intelligence Bureau 2011 Past Paper

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Assistant Director Intelligence Bureau BS-17 Past Paper of 2011.

1) Ice can be changed to water by:
(A) Adding more water molecules
(B) Changing the motion of the water molecules
(C) Rearranging the atoms in water molecules
(D) Destroying the atoms in water molecules
(E) None of these

2) The building blocks of elements are called:
(A) Atoms
(B) Molecules
(C) Compounds
(D) Isotopes
(E) None of these

3) Boiling of an egg is a change which is:
(A) Physical
(B) Chemical
(C) Physiological
(D) Morphological
(E) None of these

4) The temperature of liquid nitrogen is:
(A) -32°C
(B) -80°C
(C) -100°C
(D) -196°C
(E) None of these

5) Which one of the following is an Alkali?
(A) Water
(B) Vinegar
(C) Lemon juice
(D) Slaked lime
(E) None of these

6) Which is the biggest tank battle in military history with 1,200 tanks slugging it out?
(A) Kursk
(B) Kasserine
(C) Kiev
(D) Kharkov

7) Where did the Japanese launch a successful attack on the Russian Pacific Fleet, using torpedoes to devastating effect during Russo-Japanese War?
(A) Pearl Harbor
(B) Port Arthur
(C) Port Gibson
(D) Port Hudson

8) Although a Persian victory, which battle is most celebrated for the heroic defence of a crucial pass by 300 Spartans?
(A) Thymbra
(B) Thebes
(C) Thermopylae
(D) Trebbia

9) Napoleon's last battle ended in his disastrous defeat. The Duke of Wellington, the Allied victor, famously said it was, "a damn' close run thing". Named after a small village in Belgium, where was this battle?
(A) Waterloo
(B) Kasserine
(C) Kiev
(D) Kharkov

10) Moorish Kingdom of Granada (Spain) surrendered to Christians in the year:
(A) 1453
(B) 1492
(C) 1526
(D) 1556