Volcanoes and Earthquakes Page-2

11) Which of the following phenomena is responsible for the formation of the highest mountains?
(A) Denudation
(B) Fault formation
(C) Volcanic activity
(D) Folding

12) Volcanic Mt. Etna is located in __________
(A) Hawaii USA
(B) Indonesia
(C) Italy (Sicily)
(D) Kenya

13) Fujiyama in Japan is a __________
(A) River
(B) Lake
(C) Volcano mountain
(D) Plain

14) Stromboli volcano is located in ___________
(A) Chile
(B) Philippines
(C) Indonesia
(D) Italy

15) Mt. Katmai valley in Alaska is known as the
(A) Valley of beauty
(B) Valley of volcanoes
(C) valley of ten thousand smokes
(D) None of these

16) Hibok volcano which exploded in 1951 is present in __________
(A) Philippines
(B) Indonesia
(C) Chile
(D) Italy

17) Vesuvius is the name of _________
(A) Mountain in Germany
(B) A valley of deserts
(C) A path under water
(D) Volcano in Italy

18) The Devil Tower is present in USA is a _________
(A) Lake
(B) Waterfall
(C) Volcano
(D) Hotel's name

19) The largest volcano crater in the world is __________
(A) Vesuvius (Italy)
(B) Toba (Indonesia)
(C) Etna (Sicily)
(D) Stromboli (Sicily)

20) In which year Tsunami hit the area of Makran?
(A) 1942
(B) 1946
(C) 1952
(D) 1968

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