Straits MCQs

1) Which of the following words explains a narrow strip of water separating two landmarks and connecting two big seas?
(A) Strait
(B) Bay
(C) Peninsula
(D) Gulf

2) Which of the following strait separates Arabia and Africa and joins the red sea and Persian gulf?
(A) Bering strait
(B) Bab-ul-Mandab
(C) Bosphorus
(D) Davis

3) A strait which separates greenland from baffin islands is _________
(A) Gibraitar
(B) Florida
(C) Davis
(D) Dover

4) Strait of Bosporous connects _________
(A) Black sea and red sea
(B) Black sea and Baltic sea
(C) Black sea and sea of Marmara
(D) None of these

5) It separates Italy form Sicily.
(A) Palk strait
(B) Sunda strait
(C) Messina strait
(D) Magellan strait

6) Strait of Malacca separates _________
(A) Malaysia and China
(B) Malaysia and Indonesia
(C) Malaysia and Sri Lanka
(D) None of these

7) Which of the following straits separate India from Sri Lanka?
(A) Davis
(B) Palk
(C) Sunda
(D) Johor

8) It separates Spain form Africa and connects Mediterranean sea with the atlantic ocean __________
(A) Gibraltar
(B) Johor
(C) Florida
(D) Davis

9) Which of the following straits separate Malaysia from Singapore?
(A) Dover
(B) Johor
(C) Florida
(D) Davis

10) Sunda strait separates ________
(A) Java from Sicily
(B) Sumatra from Java
(C) Java from Singapore
(D) Singapore form Sumatra

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