Rivers of the World Page-3

21) Which is the second longest river of America?
(A) Missouri
(B) Mississippi
(C) Red
(D) Colorado

22) Don is a river of ________
(A) Turkey
(B) Russia
(C) UK

23) Budapest is the capital of Hungary situated on the bank of _______
(A) River spree
(B) River Volga
(C) River Danube
(D) River ob

24) Paris is the capital of France situated on the bank of river _______
(A) Seine
(B) Po
(C) Thane
(D) Spree

25) Agra is very famous city of India due to Taj Mahal, it is situated on bank of river _______
(A) Brahmaputra
(B) Ganges
(C) Jumna
(D) None of these

26) Oxus River is flowing between ________
(A) Afghanistan and Russia
(B) Russia and Iran
(C) Russia and China
(D) Afghanistan and Tajikistan

27) Which of the following rivers is called "Father of Rivers"?
(A) Indus
(B) Nile
(C) Amazon
(D) Congo

28) What is the source of Yellow River?
(A) Mt. of China Kunlan
(B) Mt. Everest
(C) Victoria Lake
(D) None of these

29) What is the total length of Amazon River?
(A) 6400 km
(B) 6448 km
(C) 6349 km
(D) 6218 km

30) Yangtze Kiang River is located in:
(A) China
(B) Thailand
(C) Nepal
(D) Bhutan