Passes and Glaciers

1) Bodpola is the highest mountain pass of the world with the height of 19412 ft situated in _________
(A) Pakistan
(B) India
(C) Nepal
(D) Tibet(China)

2) Which is the second highest pass in world situated in Myanmar with the height of 15300 ft?
(A) Namni pass
(B) Col de Restefond
(C) Donner pass
(D) Myanmar pass

3) Col de Restefond is a mountain pass situated in _________
(B) France-Spain
(C) Italy-Spain
(D) France

4) Great St. Bernard is a mountain pass situated in _________
(A) Italy-France
(B) Italy-Switzerland
(C) UnitedKingdom
(D) USA-Canada

5) Stripka is a _________
(A) Mountain pass of Russia
(B) Mountain pass of Nepal
(C) Mount Bulgaria
(D) Mountain pass of Spain

6) Brenner is a mountain pass(4508 ft high) situated in _________
(A) Italy-France
(B) Italy-Austria
(C) France-Germany
(D) Italy-Britain

7) Khyber pass situated in Sulaiman range of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan) which connects Peshawar with Kabul is at the height of 3370 ft.What is its length?
(A) 52 km
(B) 54 km
(C) 56 km
(D) 58 km

8) Longest glacier of the world is lambert situated in Antarctice,what is its length?
(A) 320 miles
(B) 310 miles
(C) 300 miles
(D) 429 miles

9) Denman glacier is situated in _________
(A) Antarctica
(B) Denmark
(C) Greenland
(D) Russia

10) Petermann glacier is situated in __________
(A) Russia
(B) Germany
(C) Switzerland
(D) Greenland

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