Oceans and Seas Page-4

31) What is the area covered by South China Sea?
(A) 29,74,600 Sq.Km
(B) 21,15,215 Sq.Km
(C) 26,18,915 Sq.Km
(D) 27,19,315 Sq.Km

32) Which is the deepest sea of the world?
(A) Caribbean sea
(B) Mediterranean sea
(C) Baltic sea
(D) Andaman sea

33) Area wise which is the second biggest sea of the world?
(A) Red sea
(B) Caribbean sea
(C) Baltic sea
(D) Black sea

34) Which is the shallowest sea of the world?
(A) North Sea
(B) Hudson Bay
(C) Gulf of St.Lawrence
(D) Red Sea