Lakes and Waterfalls Page-3

21) The highest waterfall of the world is _________
(A) Angel
(B) Tugela
(C) Ribbon
(D) None of these

22) Which is the second highest waterfall of the world?
(A) Angel
(B) Tugela
(C) Ribbon
(D) Conneaut

23) Which of the following is called Widow's tears?
(A) Lake
(B) Waterfall
(C) Island
(D) None of these

24) What is the height of Angel waterfall?
(A) 3081 feet
(B) 3181 feet
(C) 3281 feet
(D) 3381 feet

25) King Edward III waterfall is situated in _________
(A) Norway
(B) Guyana
(C) Italy
(D) Denmark

26) Melegon waterfall is located in __________
(A) Italy
(B) New Zealand
(D) Australia

27) Neuda waterfall is located in __________
(B) UK
(C) Italy
(D) India

28) Sloeskan is the name of waterfall where is it situated?
(A) South Africa
(B) Canada
(D) France

29) What is "Great Bear"?
(A) Waterfall
(B) Lake
(C) Sea
(D) Animal

30) What is the total area of world's largest lake Caspian sea?
(A) 394,299
(B) 294,366
(C) 354,000
(D) None of these