Gulfs and Bays Page-2

11) Thunder bay is present between __________
(A) Canada and USA
(B) France and England
(C) France and Italy
(D) New Zealand and Australia

12) Gulf of Sidra is present in __________
(A) Libya
(B) Liberia
(C) Macedonia
(D) None of these

13) Gulf of lion is present in ________
(A) Italy
(B) France
(C) Germany
(D) UK

14) Maracaibo bay is situated near ___________
(A) Northern Venezuela
(B) South USA
(C) Southern Italy
(D) None of these

15) Baffin Bay is situated between ___________
(A) Canada and USA
(B) Canada and Greenland
(C) Italy and France
(D) None of these

16) What is the "Moray"?
(A) Lake
(B) Gulf
(C) Bay
(D) Waterfall

17) Bothnian Bay is situated between the countries ___________
(A) France and Germany
(B) Sweden and Finland
(C) Italy and Germany
(D) None of these

18) Saint Lawrence bay is situated near _________
(A) Canada
(B) Cuba
(C) China
(D) Russia

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