General Science Page-3

21) While dusting a carpet, we give a sudden jerk or beat it with a stick, because
(A) Inertia of rest keeps the dust in its position and the dirt is removed by the movement of carpet away
(B) Inertia of motion removes the dust
(C) The jerk compensates for the force of adhesion between the dust and the carpet and the dust is removed
(D) None of the above

22) After drinking contaminated water, you would be most apt to develop symptoms of
(A) Malaria
(B) Typhoid fever
(C) Yellow fever
(D) Schistosomiasis

23) In eye donation. which one of the following parts of donor's eye is utilized?
(A) Iris
(B) Lens
(C) Cornea
(D) Retina

24) Storage batteries commonly contain
(A) Copper
(B) Mercury
(C) Lead
(D) Iron

25) Washing soda in water behave
(A) Alkaline
(B) Acidic
(C) Neutral
(D) None of these

26) The gland which maintains temperature is the
(A) Pituitary gland
(B) Thyroid gland
(C) Adrenals
(D) Hypothalamus

27) Vinegar is prepared by the
(A) Fuming of date palms
(B) Fermentation of rotten grapes
(C) Fermentation of apple cider in the presence of air
(D) Dehydration of wine

28) Which one of the following colors has the longest wavelength?
(A) Yellow
(B) Blue
(C) Red
(D) Green

29) What does a Sphygmomanometer measure?
(A) Blood Pressure
(B) Atmospheric Pressure
(C) Pressure at the workplace
(D) Lung Pressure

30) The longest and the strongest bone in the human body is
(A) Tibia
(B) Pelvis
(C) Femur
(D) Jaw

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