General Science Page-7

61) Which of the following serves as a primary remedy for upset stomach?
(A) Cool liver oil
(B) Green vegetables
(C) Guava
(D) Soda Water

62) What is the main constituent of Sui Gas?
(A) Ethylene
(B) Propane
(C) Nitrogen
(D) Methane

63) Fear of enclosed spaces is called:
(A) Claustrophobia
(B) Aerophobia
(C) Apiphobia
(D) None of these

64) A fear of open and public places is called:
(A) Claustrophobia
(B) Agoraphobia
(C) Agoraphobia
(D) Apiphobia

65) Inability to write is called:
(A) Apiphobia
(B) Agoraphobia
(C) Cynophobia
(D) Mysophobia

66) Fear of heights is called:
(A) Astraphobia
(B) Acrophobia
(C) Asoraphobia
(D) NTrypophobia

67) Fear of flying is known as:
(A) Gamophobia
(B) Cynophobia
(C) Mysophobia
(D) Aerophobia

68) Apiphobia is a fear of what?
(A) Snakes
(B) Cats
(C) Bees
(D) Dogs

69) If in every two week the stomach does not produce a new layer of mucus it will digest?
(A) The food inside
(B) Stop digesting
(C) Every thing
(D) Itself

70) The brain of which bird is smaller than its eye?
(A) Owl
(B) Humming bird
(C) Pigeon
(D) Ostrich

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