General Science Page-5

41) The art of designing sequence of movements in which motion form or both are specified like dance motion is called:
(A) Choreography
(B) Dactylography
(C) Pyrography
(D) Metallography

42) Hepatitis and jaundice are the disease of:
(A) Kidney
(B) Spleen
(C) Liver
(D) Lungs

43) Creatures which have both male and female organs are known as:
(A) Hermaphrodite
(B) Monoecious
(C) Asexual
(D) Inter sex

44) What is laughing gas called?
(A) Ferrous chloride
(B) Sulphur dioxide
(C) Ferric hydroxide
(D) Nitrous Oxide

45) In which medium the sound travels fastest?
(A) Oxalic
(B) Hydrogen
(C) Carbolic
(D) Sulphuric

46) Which type of carbon is used in lead pencils?
(A) Graphite
(B) Phosphorus
(C) Radon
(D) Gypsum

47) Which is the largest organ of body?
(A) Lungs
(B) Liver
(C) Intestine
(D) Skin

48) Which is the largest gland in a body?
(A) Liver
(B) Heart
(C) Lungs
(D) Kidney

49) What is the atmospheric pressure at sea level?
(A) 690 mm
(B) 720 mm
(C) 760 mm
(D) 820 mm

50) The acceleration caused by gravity per second is:
(A) 52 m
(B) 48 m
(C) 45 m
(D) 40 m

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