General Geography MCQs Page-7

61) Which of the following types of coal represents the first stage of formation of coal?
(A) Anthracite
(B) Bituminous coal
(C) Lignite
(D) Peat

62) Which of the following countries leads the world in the export of oil?
(A) Iran
(B) Iraq
(C) Saudi Arabia
(D) Venezuela

63) Copper may be found native, that is, in its pure state, but is more often found in chemical combinations with _________
(A) Iron, gold and silver
(B) Gold, silver and lead
(C) Iron, lead and sulfur
(D) All of the above minerals

64) The low heating capacity of which of the types of coal reduces its value as an industrial fuel?
(A) Anthracite
(B) Bituminous coal
(C) Lignite
(D) Peat

65) What percentage of the earth's total surface is covered by forests?
(A) 31 percent
(B) 20 percent
(C) 24 percent
(D) 29 percent

66) Which of the following types of forest mostly grow in the below of land lying between 50°N and 70°N?
(A) Temperature deciduous forests
(B) Tropical evergreen forests
(C) Temperate hardwood forests
(D) Temperate coniferous forests

67) The Panama Canal links __________
(A) Canada with Greenland
(B) North America with South America
(C) Siberia (Russia) with Greenland
(D) None of the above

68) Which of the following is concerned with the description and mapping of the main features of the Universe?
(A) Cosmography
(B) Cosmology
(C) Geomorphology
(D) None of the above

69) Cryogenics is the science that ________
(A) Describes and maps the main features of the Universe
(B) Studies the nature of heavenly bodies
(C) Deals with the physical history of the earth
(D) Deals with the production, control and application of very low temperature

70) The speed per minute at which the earth revolves around the sun is
(A) 800 km
(B) 1000 km
(C) 1400 km
(D) More than 1600 km

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