Economics Page-7

61) Which of the following is not rated by credit rating agencies?
(A) Shares
(B) Debentures and bonds
(C) Commercial paper
(D) Government securities

62) Which company holds the world record for having the maximum number of shareholders?
(A) Reliance Industries Ltd.
(B) British Gas
(C) General Motors
(D) State Bank

63) The smallest unit of ownership of a company is:
(A) A share
(B) A debenture
(C) Fifty percent of the equity capital
(D) One percent of the equity capital

64) It was earlier known as the Bank of Italy. What is known as nowadays?
(A) Bank of England
(B) Bank of America
(C) Standard & Chartered Bank
(D) ANZ Grindlay's Bank

65) In which stock exchange is the number of scripts listed the largest in the world?
(A) New York Stock Exchange
(B) Bombay Stock Exchange
(C) London Stock Exchange

66) Who is a "Lame Duck" in a stock market?
(A) A naive investor
(B) A new investor
(C) A member of the stock exchange who cannot meet his obligations
(D) A member of the stock exchange who is engaged in insider trading

67) An ATM (automated teller machine) card is basically a:
(A) Credit card
(B) Charge card
(C) Debit card
(D) Corporate card

68) Debenture holders of a company are its:
(A) Shareholders
(B) Creditors
(C) Debtors
(D) Directors

69) A tax which is paid by the person on whom the tax is incident is called a:
(A) Local tax
(B) Indirect tax
(C) Direct tax
(D) Rate

70) Rate of growth of an economy is measured in terms of:
(A) Per capita income
(B) Industrial development
(C) Number of people who have been lifted above the poverty line
(D) National income

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