Economics Page-6

51) ISO 9001 standard was being used when it is required to demonstrate the supplier's capabilities in:
(A) Design, development, production and servicing
(B) Production, installation of the product and servicing
(C) Detection and control of the disposition of any product nonconformity during the final inspection and testing stage
(D) All of these

52) Which of the following standards does not represent a Quality Assurance System?
(A) ISO 9001
(B) ISO 9002
(C) ISO 9003
(D) ISO 9004

53) The ISO 9001, 9002 and 9003 quality assurance certificates are usually valid for a period of:
(A) 2 years
(B) 3 years
(C) 4 years
(D) 5 years

54) The most industrialized country in Asia is:
(A) Japan
(B) South Korea
(C) Taiwan
(D) Malaysia

55) INternational Monetary Fund helps the member countries:
(A) In the short period disequilibrium in their balance of payments
(B) In their long period disequilibrium in their balance of payments
(C) Advises the member countries on economic and monetary matters
(D) All the above

56) How do we define the terms bull and bear with regard to stock markets?
(A) A bull is an optimistic operator who first buys and the sells shares in expectation of the price going up:a bear is a pessimistic market operator who sells the shares in expectation of buying them back at a lower price
(B) There is nothing significantly different as both operate in the capital market
(C) Bull is one who first sells a share and then buys it at a lower price:bear means one who first buys and then sells it in expectation of prices going up
(D) A bull is ready to buy any share: a bear only deals in government securities

57) National Income of a country is based on:
(A) The taxes earned by the State
(B) The sum of all factors of income
(C) Personal incomes of all the citizens
(D) Surplus of exports over imports

58) Devaluation of currency helps to promote:
(A) National income
(B) Saving
(C) Imports at lower cost
(D) Exports

59) Which of the following payment instruments introduced by the banks is known as plastic money?
(A) Bearer Cheques
(B) Credit Cards
(C) Demand Drafts
(D) Gift Cheques

60) The Euro currency market is an international banking market whose main location and not the exclusive one is in:
(A) Bonn
(B) Paris
(C) Rome
(D) London

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