Economics Page-9

81) Which of the following is NOT a capital market instrument?
(A) Debentures
(B) Shares
(C) Public Sector Bonds
(D) Treasury Bill

82) WWhich of the following is the most important requirement to restrict inflationary pressures in an economy?
(A) an ever increasing level of productivity
(B) curbing consumption of goods and services
(C) increasing supply of consumer goods
(D) reducing money supply

83) Exchange rate of which of the following currencies falls because or persistent balance of payments deficit?
(A) Gold currency
(B) Hard currency
(C) Silver currency
(D) Soft currency

84) Which of the following terms refers to income that is saved and not invested?
(A) Capital
(B) Deposit
(C) Hoarding
(D) Profit

85) 'From each according to his ability, to each according to his need' is the theoretical slogan of
(A) Feudal System
(B) Capitalist System
(C) Fascist System
(D) Communist System

86) Development means economic growth plus
(A) Inflation
(B) Deflation
(C) Social change
(D) Price stability

87) GATT is the abbreviation of which of the following:
(A) General Arrangement of Transport on Trade
(B) Government of America's Treaty on Trade
(C) Global Arrangement of Transport and Trade
(D) General Arrangement on Tariffs and Trade

88) Which of the following is a valid currency?
(A) Promissory note
(B) Currency note
(C) Exchange rate
(D) Bank cheque

89) The government's fiscal policy denotes the use of government's:
(A) Taxes and Expenditures
(B) Consumption and Investment
(C) Taxes and Revenue
(D) Consumption and Expenditure

90) Three main drivers of economic growth are:
(A) Consumption, Investment and Employment
(B) Saving, Expenditures and Debt
(C) Revenue, Expenditure and Savings
(D) Consumption, Investment and Savings

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