Canals, Barrages and Dams Page-3

21) Which is the longest shipping canal of the world?
(A) Beloye More Canal
(B) Suez Canal
(C) Panama Canal
(D) None of these

22) Bosheen Dam is located in _________
(A) Brazil
(B) Peru
(C) Ghana
(D) Congo

23) Ching Ping Dam is located in _________
(A) China
(B) Russia
(C) Canada

24) Nurek is the name of a ________
(A) Dam
(B) Canal
(C) Barrage
(D) Lake

25) Grand Cullie Dam is located in ________
(B) Canada
(C) Russia
(D) India

26) Which is the highest dam in the world?
(A) Pate Dam
(B) New Cornelia Dam
(C) Rogun Dam
(D) Grand Cullie Dam

27) Hume Dam is located in _________
(A) Australia
(C) Britain
(D) France

28) Cleveland Dam is located in _________
(A) Australia
(B) United States
(C) Canada
(D) japan

29) Karun Three Dam is located in _________
(A) Iran
(B) France
(C) South Africa
(D) China

30) Verzasca Dam is located in _________
(A) France
(B) Switzerland
(C) Brazil
(D) Congo

31) The Suez Canal connects:
(A) Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean
(B) Atlantic Ocean and South China Sea
(C) Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea
(D) Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea