Computer MCQs Page-3

21) A single worksheet contains
(A) 65536 columns
(B) 256 columns
(C) 2365 rows
(D) None

22) PC (personal computer) was originally a trade name of
(B) Apple Computers
(C) Hewlett-Packard
(D) Remington

23) In GW BASIC. What does GW stand for?
(A) Gates, William
(B) Great Work
(C) Good Wordprocessor
(D) Gee Whiz

24) A computer virus is actually
(A) A small malicious program written in machine language
(B) Microorganism which develops on floppy diskette if left unused for a long time
(C) Programming language
(D) Reduced instruction set computer

25) The power of a super computer is measured in terms of
(A) MIPS (Million Instructions per Second)
(B) BIPS (Billion Instructions per Second)
(C) TIPS (Trillion Instructions per Second)
(D) FLOPS (Floating Point Operations per Second)

26) Which was the first truly electronic computer?

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