Universe Page-2

11) How many times is the planet Saturn bigger than the earth (in diameter)?
(A) Four times
(B) Six times
(C) Eight times
(D) Ten times

12) Traveling at the speed of light one can travel how many times around the earth in one second?
(A) 3 times
(B) 5 times
(C) 7 times
(D) 9 times

13) Which planet is known as watery planet?
(A) Earth
(B) Mars
(C) Venus
(D) Mercury

14) In which part of the solar system is the sun located?
(A) At the top of the system
(B) At the bottom of the system
(C) At the left hand corner of the system
(D) Approximately at the centre of the system

15) Which planet contains largest quantity of carbon dioxide i.e 95%
(A) Earth
(B) Jupiter
(C) Venus
(D) Mercury

16) How many times is the sun bigger in size than the earth?
(A) 69 times
(B) 89 times
(C) 99 times
(D) 109 times

17) The temperature at the surface of the sun and its centre is respectively, about
(A) 6000 K and 20 million K
(B) 7000 K and 10 million K
(C) 8000 K and 16 million K
(D) 9000 K and 14 million K

18) The sun consists mostly of?
(A) Helium
(B) Hydrogen
(C) Nitrogen
(D) Oxygen

19) Which of the following planets reflects back to space the highest percentage of light it receives from the sun than any other planet of the solar system?
(A) Earth
(B) Jupiter
(C) Mars
(D) Venus

20) All of the following planets have lesser diameter than the earth except
(A) Jupiter
(B) Mars
(C) Mercury
(D) Venus