Religions of the World Page-2

11) The Tripitaka is Sacred text of which religion
(A) Hinduism
(B) Buddhism
(C) Confucianism
(D) Taoism

12) Which of the following place is the place of worship of Buddhism
(A) Synagogue
(B) Central Shrie
(C) Stopa
(D) Tao-te Ching

13) Who was founder of Confucianism
(A) Hinayana
(B) Lao Tse
(C) Kung Fu Tsu
(D) Maha youa

14) Hinduism was founded how many year ago?
(A) 2000 BC
(B) 1500 BC
(C) 2500 BC
(D) 3000 BC

15) Which of the following is the sacred book of Hinduism
(A) Vedas
(B) Upanishads
(C) Ramayana
(D) All of them

16) Moses (AS) founder of Judaism was born in
(A) Jerusalem
(B) Iraq
(C) Egypt
(D) Jordan

17) Judaism was founded in
(A) 1000 BC
(B) 1100 BC
(C) 1300 BC
(D) 900 BC

18) Torah is the religious text of which religion
(A) Judaism
(B) Christianity
(C) Taoism
(D) None of them

19) Synagogue is place of worship of which religion
(A) Confucianism
(B) Judaism
(C) Shintoism
(D) Buddhism

20) Jerusalem is a sacred place for
(A) Christians
(B) Jews
(C) Muslims
(D) All of them