List of Countries and their Parliaments Page-2

11) Name the Parliament of Egypt?
(A) People's Assembly
(B) Majlis
(C) Shoora
(D) Shergo

12) Name the Parliament of France?
(A) Bundesrat
(B) Eduskunta
(C) Landsraad
(D) National Assembly

13) Which of the following is the Parliament of Indonesia?
(A) People's Consultative Assembly
(B) Majlis
(C) Shoora
(D) Congress

14) Rial is the currency of Iran.Which is the Parliament of Iran?
(A) Shura
(B) Majlis
(C) Congress
(D) Shergo

15) National Assembly is the Parliament of Iraq. Name the currency of Iraq?
(A) Riyal
(B) Dinar
(C) Dollar
(D) Dirham

16) Which of the following is the Parliament of Japan?
(A) Folketing
(B) Yuan
(C) Knesset
(D) Diet

17) Ringgit is the name of Malaysian currency. Which of the following is the Parliament of Malaysia?
(A) Majlis
(B) Parliament
(C) National Assembly
(D) Dewan Rakyat

18) Name the Parliament of Nepal?
(A) Rajya Sabha
(B) Shergo
(C) National Panchayat
(D) Assembly

19) Oslo is the Capital of Norway. Which of the following Parliament of Norway?
(A) Storting
(B) Sejm
(C) Cortes
(D) National Parliament

20) Parliament of Libya is called __________.
(A) National Congress
(B) General People's Congress
(C) People's Assembly
(D) Parliament

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