Distinctive Names of Places/Cities

City of Bazaars: Cairo (Egypt)

City of Angels: Bangkok (Thailand)

City of Seven Hills: Rome

Britain of South: New Zealand

City of Arabian nights: Baghdad

City of Canals: Venice

City of Cosmonauts: Moscow

City of Dreaming Spires: Oxford

City of Golden Gate: San Francisco

City of Golden Temple: Amritsar

City of Lights: Paris

City of Mosques: Dhaka

City of Palaces: Mexico City

City of Pool Nectar: Amritsar

City of Rams: Guangzhou (China)

City of roses and nightingales: Shiraz (Iran)

Land of White Elephants: Thailand

Windy City: Chicago

Sorrow of China: Yellow River or Huang He

Land of Golden Fiber: Bangladesh

Land of Maple: Canada

Land of the Midnight Sun: Norway

Land of the Rising Sun: Japan

Land of Cakes: Scotland

Roof of the World: Pamirs

Land of Canals: Netherlands

Land of Cloves: Zanzibar

Land of fertile fields: Algeria

Land of Kangaroos: Australia

Land of Lilies: Canada

Land of morning calm: Korea

Land of Prophets: Palestine

Land of thousand Lakes: Finland

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