Profit and Loss Page-2

9) A dealer bought two shirts for Rs. 480. He sold one at a loss of 15% and the other at a gain of 19% and then he found that each shirt was sold for the same price. Find the cost price of each.
(A) Rs. 350 and Rs. 130
(B) Rs. 300 and Rs. 180
(C) Rs. 250 and Rs. 230
(D) Rs. 280 and Rs. 200

10) A book is sold at a gain of 16%. If it had been sold for Rs. 10 more, 20% would have been gained. Find its price
(A) Rs. 250
(B) Rs. 175
(C) Rs. 200
(D) Rs. 300

11) A dealer sold a shirt at a profit of 15%. Had he sold it for Rs. 4 more, his profit would have increased by 5%. The cost price of the shirt was
(A) Rs. 80
(B) Rs. 60
(C) Rs. 125
(D) Rs. 75

12) The cost price of 21 articles is equal to the selling price of 18 articles. Find the profit percentage.
(A) 14 2/7%
(B) 20%
(C) 16%
(D) 16 2/3%

13) A shopkeeper sold an article at a gain of 25%. If he had paid Rs. 1.75 less for it and sold it at the same price, he would have made a gain of 60%. Find the cost price
(A) Rs. 8
(B) Rs. 10
(C) Rs. 15
(D) Rs. 12

14) A sold a table to B at 4% profit, B sold the same table for Rs. 65 and he made a profit of 25%. Find the price at which A had purchased the table.
(A) 40
(B) 60
(C) 50
(D) 70

15) By selling a watch a dealer gained 15%. If he had sold it for Rs. 187, he would have lost 15%. For how much did he sell the watch?
(A) Rs. 253
(B) Rs. 353
(C) Rs. 263
(D) Rs. 303

16) A man sells a cycle for Rs. 800 and loses something. If he had sold it for Rs. 980, his gain would have been double the former loss. Find cost price.
(A) Rs. 1000
(B) Rs. 750
(C) Rs. 800
(D) Rs. 860