Area and Volume Quantitative Aptitude Questions

1) A rectangular field is 13m long and 10m wide. It has a cement path 3 1/2 wide around it. What is the area of cement path.
(A) 210 m2
(B) 220 m2
(C) 215 m2
(D) 110 m2

2) The diameter of the base of a solid circular cylinder is 14 and its height is 10cm. Find the volume.
(A) 1440 cm3
(B) 1240 cm3
(C) 1540 cm3
(D) 1340 cm3

3) A square region has an area of 2304 sqm. Find its perimeter.
(A) 48 m
(B) 96 m
(C) 144 m
(D) 192 m

4) Length of a garden is 70 m and width is 55 m. In the middle of the garden two roads 8 m wide parallel to its sides are constructed. Find the area of the roads.
(A) 1000 m2
(B) 936 m2
(C) 1064 m2
(D) 3850 m2

5) Find the circumference of a circle if the length of its diameter is 6 cm.
(A) 18.85 cm
(B) 37.71 cm
(C) 113.14 cm
(D) 28.28 cm

6) A circular garden has diameter equal to 56 m. A pavement is constructed around it. Find the area of the pavement if its width is 7 m.
(A) 1386 m2
(B) 3850 m2
(C) 2464 m2
(D) 2772 m2

7) Edge of a cubic box is 45 cm. Thickness of wood used is 2 cm. Find the volume of the wood used.
(A) 344 cm3
(B) 22204 cm3
(C) 11618 cm3
(D) 176 cm3

8) Find the volume of a book whose length is 19 cm, width is 12 cm and thickness is 3cm.
(A) 684 cm3
(B) 34 cm33
(C) 285 cm33
(D) 93 cm33

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