Area and Volume Quantitative Aptitude Questions

1) A rectangular field is 13m long and 10m wide. It has a cement path 3 1/2 wide around it. What is the area of cement path.
(A) 210m2
(B) 220m2
(C) 215m2
(D) 110m2

2) The diameter of the base of a solid circular cylinder is 14 and its height is 10cm. Find the volume.
(A) 1440cm3
(B) 1240cm3
(C) 1540cm3
(D) 1340cm3

3) A square region has an area of 2304 sqm. Find its perimeter.
(A) 48m
(B) 96m
(C) 144m
(D) 192m

4) Length of a garden is 70m and width is 55m. In the middle of the garden two roads 8m wide parallel to its sides are constructed. Find the area of the roads.
(A) 1000m2
(B) 936m2
(C) 1064m2
(D) 3850m2

5) Find the circumference of a circle if the length of its diameter is 6cm.
(A) 18.85cm
(B) 37.71cm
(C) 113.14cm
(D) 28.28cm

6) A circular garden has diameter equal to 56m. A pavement is constructed around it. Find the area of the pavement if its width is 7m.
(A) 1386m2
(B) 3850m2
(C) 2464m2
(D) 2772m2

7) Edge of a cubic box is 45cm. Thickness of wood used is 2cm. Find the volume of the wood used.
(A) 344cm3
(B) 22204cm3
(C) 11618cm3
(D) 176cm3

8) Find the volume of a book whose length is 19cm, width is 12cm and thickness is 3cm.
(A) 684cm3
(B) 34cm33
(C) 285cm33
(D) 93cm33


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